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Thread: Most Pugs Perish Because A Lack Of Knowledge

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    Most Pugs Perish Because A Lack Of Knowledge

    Most pugs and "New Jack" trainers" don't know syet 'bout" taking drugs and chemicals -- legal and illegal. I never thought about it until hearing this interview of VADA's founder and CEO, Doc Maggie Goodman.

    I always wondered why some pugs' mugs swelled so grotesquely during a bout. Those hypochondriac fools were taking tons of aspirins and other types of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug pain relievers -- a BIG NO-NO! Because they can and will cause extreme facial swelling.

    Remember how Hashim Rahman's and Holy's mugs and foreheads swelled that one time back in da day. They were on tons of aspirins for various pains. And I've learned that a fairly recent injuried pug was an aspirin hypochondriac.

    Listen and learn from Doc Goodman and get off that syet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=&v=dJsvOlab7ng. And join VADA. Holla!
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    Re: Most Pugs Perish Because A Lack Of Knowledge

    Good point.

    Also, Asprin (like Onions and some other substances) thins the blood and therefore (theoretically and in most states/countries legally),as a substance, it also allows a greater transfer of Blood, Erythrocyte, Hemoglobin and more importantly Oxygen.

    Remember, I wrote about this here


    Where strangely it appears to have flown under the radar and/or not registered when the last forum mod reviewed the competition against what appears to be an undisclosed criteria.

    Not to worry it's all good. My Dad doesn't need an eye operation just yet.

    Anyway, when the blood passes through the lungs, the abovementioned oxygen molecules then have the opportunity to attach to the hemoglobin when blood traverses through the body's lung tissues, and as that happens the hemoglobin then releases oxygen into the cells.

    This can theoretically occur at a greater rate if there is less friction between blood and artery walls.

    Yes, fluids have friction; it's one reason why water has surface tension.

    The less friction - theoretically achieved by the blood becoming less dense as a result of a foreign agent like Asprin - the greater ease the heart has to deliver oxygen, and this can theoretically result in more oxygen being delivered to cells and muscles.

    Whether the assumed Asprin advantage is partly or wholly psychological or not may not matter either, as many people subscribe to a fighter having snap in his punches and except it despite the fact that there is no such thing unless the boxing fraternity has, alone, discovered a new quantity for physics and physiology to measure; that the history and fraternity of physicists and physiologists has overlooked.

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    Re: Most Pugs Perish Because A Lack Of Knowledge

    Garlic is the other blood thinner that dimwitted-food-health pugs don't have enough knowledge to stay clear of before fighting. Holla!

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    Re: Most Pugs Perish Because A Lack Of Knowledge

    Yes that's right - I knew there was a few others but forgot that.

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