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Thread: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

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    Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    LAS VEGAS-Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez had promised a knockout win and delivered with a wicked right that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao never saw and will probably never forget on Saturday before a stunned crowd.

    Even the Mexican faithful seemed shocked by their compatriot's win over nemesis Pacquiao.
    Marquez (55-6-1, 40 Kos) finally beat Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 Kos) in the most exciting of their encounters before 16,348 rabid fans at the MGM Grand Casino. It was the fourth encounter and only win on the record books for the Mexican hero, but probably the most satisfying for either fighter.

    “It was very important to win this fight,” said Marquez.

    It was a conservative first two rounds with both Pacquiao and Marquez looking to counter instead of attacking. Marquez proved more adept in the first round but Pacquiao landed a flush left lead that made a mark on Marquez’s left eye.

    An overhand right hand from hell floored Pacquiao for the first time in many years. Marquez didn’t attack after Pacquiao beat the count but fired uppercuts and some body blows to end the round three.

    Marquez carefully attacked Pacquiao who seemed intent in returning a knockdown but the Mexican fighter did not cooperate. Marquez connected on a three punch combo at the end of round four.

    In a wild round five Pacquiao floored Marquez with a lead left hand that caught the Mexican perfectly running into the punch. But when Pacquiao tried to finish the fight he was met with some furious exchanges.

    “Manny came back and he was in charge,” said Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach after.
    With Marquez looking like he was going to be run over from a Pacquiao attack, he fired a counter right hand that connected perfectly and sent Pacquiao senseless for more than a minute at 2:59 of round six. There was no arguing this time who was going to win this fight. Marquez shocked the crowd and the millions watching at home with a single blow.

    “I knew in the last two rounds Manny was going to go for the knockout,” said Marquez. “I could have been knocked out at any time. I threw the perfect punch.”

    Although the sight of Pacquiao lying face down senseless scared the fans, he seemed very coherent. And was very matter of fact about the outcome.

    “I got hit by a punch I didn’t see,” Pacquiao said.

    Top Rank’s Bob Arum said a fifth fight could be made. Both Marquez and Pacquiao agreed.

    Gamboa holds on

    Cuba’s ultra-athletic Yuri Gamboa (22-0, 16 Kos) survived a crushing knockdown at the hands of tough Filipino slugger Michael Farenas (34-4-4, 26 Kos) to win a hard fought unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

    Now promoted by musical artist 50 Cent, the fleet Gamboa seemed to be cruising to an easy victory after knocking down southpaw Farenas once in round two and another in round seven. But when Gamboa gambled to finish the Filipino in round nine, he was too busy unloading a speedy combination to notice the trap Farenas had set. Down went Gamboa from a crushing left cross. The Cuban was still woozy but managed to move and hold when necessary to avoid more contact.

    Farenas seemed to gain new energy from the knockdown and attacked even more ferociously, but the slick Gamboa used his defensive footwork and side steps to avoid any more big shots. Farenas never stopped working hard and showed to be a very dangerous opponent for anyone else in the future. All three judges scored in favor of Gamboa 117-109, 118-108, 117-108.

    Title fight
    IBF lightweight titleholder Miguel Vazquez (32-3, 13 Kos) used his quick feet and long arms to win by unanimous decision against San Diego’s Mercito Gesta (26-1-1, 14 Kos) after 12 rounds. The Filipino southpaw usually is the faster fighter and could not make the adjustments.

    If you ever watched Vazquez fight before it’s always hit and run while taking advantage of a long reach and quick hands. Gesta wanted to engage in a firefight but this was strategic battle from long range. Though the San Diego fighter was never hurt, he seldom attacked the body and paid the price for the head hunting as Vazquez quickly scooted out of danger.

    Gesta adjusted in the late rounds by going to the body and head but never put on full pressure against Vazquez who unlike most Mexican fighters, never goes mano a mano. It’s one-two and sciddily doo. All three judges scored it for Vazquez 117-111, 119-109, 118-110.

    Javier Fortuna (21-0-1, 15 Kos) jumped out to a fast lead over Patrick Hyland (27-1, 12 Kos) with his speed and agility in the first four rounds. Then, the Dominican who trains along with middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez slowed down and Hyland began to gain points. It just wasn’t soon enough for the judges who all gave it to Fortuna 118-110, 116-112, 115-113. Fortuna becomes the number one contender for the WBA featherweight title.

    Former U.S. Olympian Jose Ramirez (1-0) erupted on Colorado’s Corey Seigwarth (2-2) with a flurry of tight punches in the opening round. A Ramirez left hook to the body had Seigwarth nearly quitting but he resumed. Ramirez then attacked the body again and smacked another left hook and down went the Coloradan. He beat the count but was swarmed by Ramirez who would not allow Seigwarth a moment to breathe. Referee Vic Drakulich stopped the lightweight bout at 2:05 of the first round. Freddie Roach trains Ramirez.

    Southpaw Dodie Boy Penalosa (10-0, 10 Kos) had all of the advantages going in against Mexico City’s Juan Raya (6-5) and used them to perfection in winning by knockout. Penalosa was taller, faster and stronger in blasting out Mexico’s Raya with a short counter right hook at 1:12 of round two of the featherweight clash. No count was necessary by referee Jay Nady.

    After suffering a slow start Philippine fighter Ernie Sanchez (14-3, 5 Kos) turned things around midway through the fight against Philadelphia’s Coy Evans (10-2-1, 2 Kos), including a knockdown. Once Evans slowed down, Sanchez used lead right hands to keep the Philadelphia boxer from using his speed and power. The final three rounds saw both featherweights turn up the heat and slug it out. Sanchez emerged more convincing with his right hands. Two judges scored it 77-73 and one 77-74 for Sanchez.

    In a swing bout Las Vegas prizefighter Alexis Hernandez (3-1, 1 KO) and New Mexico’s Jazzma Hogue (2-4-1) came out banging. Hogue got an early jump but when Hernandez connected with a solid right, he stopped to shake his head that it didn’t hurt. At that very moment Hernandez came back with the express and dropped the New Mexico boxer. Hogue got up but was met with another combination and down he went again. Referee Jay Nady inspected the dazed fighter and ruled him unable to continue at 2:20 of the first round.

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    Hopefully it is just reflexive jive talk. I -- for one -- am not interested in a rematch. Besides, the powers that be are going to deal with Angel Heredia and take Marquez off the roids and PEDs. And that would destroy a wonderful fight V. Juicing and injecting and drinking pi$$ don't win fights. Luck and brains do. Suck it! Da Manny got caught by a thinker, never mind any substance in Marquez's system to help him. If it were any help at all, blame it on da rain and placebo effect. Holla!

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    CONGRATULATIONS TO JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ for finally putting an end to their rivalry and defeating Pacquiao by a KO. well is not just a defeat but a cold sleep knock out! sad to realize how pacquiao's career suddenly slips out of his hand but I honestly agree with the direction of his fate in boxing that he should stop fighting, a Christian is not fit to fight a brutal sport such as this. loud and clear sign pacquiao, retire. WELL DONE MARQUEZ FOR A GREAT FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!!!! YOU DESERVE THIS!

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    To all Mexicans!!! No more mexicutioner, Pacquiao has been defeated by Marquez. Good for you people of Mexico! From the Philippines, I CONGRATULATE YOU AND YOUR MAN JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ! BRAVO!

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    In the build-up from the way JMM was talking you sensed this fight would be different. Evander Holyfield was similar before his 3rd fight with Bowe, promising he would hurt Bowe (he decked him for the first time then got KO'd). Watching the fight I though Manny was really fighting well and winning the fight but the knockdown scored by JMM was a real sign that he was here to hurt and stop Manny tonight, not counter him to death. Boxing is the winner overall tho, two HOF fighters taking risks in a big fight, both looking for the KO, this is what a big fight should be and fights like this will attract the next generation of fans and see off the threat of MMA. Congratulations JMM, now in the very top tier of Mexican legends, congratulations Manny for fighting like a warrior and being a class act, even in defeat, and congratulations to this wonderful sport for yet another reminder of why we love it like we do.

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    Radam u are wrong peds work.
    They allow your body to do what the mind is planning
    At 39 jmms mind is brilliant but his body and reflexes
    should be lacking.
    With peds he is able to increase his strength stamina and fast twitch mm fiber speed

    Look at MLB. Since hgh is now being tested for the power in batting

    Has decreased so significantly is sickening

    Peds work. Ask jmm who is now a one punch killer

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    Peds or not, JMM was putting everything into his shots unlike the previous fights. He did execute some of his usual precision counters but he had a different attitude this time and swung for the fences. The fence never saw it coming, a perfect go for broke full-force punch that exploded on Pac's jaw... As far from a glancing blow as you get. Kudos to JMM for fighting through a brutal 6th round and finishing it with perhaps the knockout of the decade. And great respect to Manny who showed his own courage after being floored, and for being so gracious after the fight. They've taken allot of punches over their careers, made a ton of money, made history together, and I hope they both retire. They will never top this incredible fight...

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    pacquiao was ahead ,going for the kill and marquez thru a hail mary HE set up lol Congrats Juan Manuel.. id watch a 5th for sure it just gets better everytime. but to run into a shot he put u down with earlier is baffleing to me ,u know hes going to try again with it and manny assisted ... ill say this to all fighters ,him especially.. u cant ride two hourses with one *** so fight or serve ur country because you can do both ,its not a freaking game ...

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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    Maybe, Amayseng! But in boxing, I've never saw it. A muthasucka who didn't have it at 39 and into his 40s have no benefits from dat syet. The late, great Archie "The Old Mongoose" Moore didn't even win a belt until 39 years old, and he tapped many of younger arses. Big Rev. George Foreman was still rolling at near 50. And B-Hop is still crackin' and smackin' arse well into his 40s.

    Roids and PEDs cannot turn back the clock and win syet in the sweet science. It is just that three-pound wrinkled-up fat up in one's cranium that gets the win. If Da Manny would've paced down, instead of pacing up at the buzzer, we would be talking about how he smoothly kicked arse instead of being on the receiving end of a sucka punch.

    Team Pac knew before the dance that Marquez was on dat sh*t, and did nothing. Prevention is the key, not remedial peepee. It is time to suck up an unnecessary arse thrashing and move on. Marquez did what he had to do for a victory -- no matter how suspciously tainted. And the Pac-and-Asian haters are thrilled with joy. And that is da Real McCoy. Holla!
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    Re: Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez Shocks Boxing World With KO of Pacman

    Great Fight...Manny should retire that kinda knock out is classic, but bad for your health. Marquez was unreal. For Juan Manuel to plant himself with a broken nose, and concussed head and land the perfect counter right hand is like firing "under the volcano."

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